May 30, 2019

Woodway Beach Club Wedding || Brittany and Jeff || Stamford, CT


An Ocean Front Wedding

Brittany and Jeff were married on May 25th with a ceremony at the Noroton Presbyterian Church and a reception at The Woodway Beach Club in Stamford, Connecticut.

A Perfectly Planned Proposal

**Taken from the couples wedding page from the bride.

Fun fact – having your girlfriend sign up to complete her first triathlon is an excellent distraction while you try to plan a surprise proposal. Jeff could not have pulled off a more spectacular surprise. We had discussed it on and off, but I committed to competing in my first triathlon April 2018. I had done my best during the winter months to prepare for this first event, but I could feel my anxiety rising as I watched Jeff and David (Jeff’s brother) swim in the freezing cold (50F) water, knowing my turn to try would be the next day.

Jeff had invited all of my family to watch the event, which added to my angst, would they have all traveled just to see me fail? I had only one moment where I was surprised my family would come from so far just to watch me in a recreational event, but quickly dismissed it, they are all always very supportive! Little did I know, they were all in on the secret…

Later that afternoon, we returned to the Lake House we had rented as a part of the race weekend. I was mentally spinning imaging all the different things I could do wrong, while everyone else was basking in the beautiful sunshine on the deck. Jeff turned to me and asked if I wanted to walk down to the dock and see if the water temperature had improved. With an eye roll, I told him, “No, why would I do that? I have to get in to practice swimming later anyway,” and continued to mentally stew. Luckily, Jeff was persistent and got up to walk down to the lake in the hope I would follow. Which I did, I couldn’t leave him hanging when he had asked so nicely.

We got down to the lake, checked the water (for those interested it was still freezing) and I was ready to head back up. But, Jeff was lagging. I thought perhaps trying to tie his shoe? Now for the first time I appreciated he wasn’t just on the ground, but on one knee, sunglasses pushed up, holding my hand and looking at me. Still the forever skeptic, I asked him, “What are you doing?” thinking he needed help getting up off the ground. He started to talk, but truthfully, I heard nothing as he simultaneously opened a box with a gorgeous diamond ring. After many shouts of “seriously?!” I happily accepted his proposal.

My race the next day could not have gone better. Suddenly, all my worries were gone, I had to swim back to my ring I had left in Jeff’s safe keeping during the race!

WHAT A PROPOSAL JEFF!!! It is not easy getting all the moving parts together and having it seamlessly go as planned. The best part is that Britt probably crushed that race because she was swimming back to her ring 😉

A Joyful Celebration at The Woodway Beach Club

Brittany and Jeff celebrated their reception at the Woodway Beach Club with amazing ocean front views. The day couldn’t have been better weather wise, with a combo of light clouds and blue skies.

Brittany and Jeff performed a swing dance for their first dance and absolutely crushed it! Jeff also did a choreographed dance with his mom and they were pros! One of my favorite moments of the night was when Brittany’s dad surprised her with a sing-along to, Oh Happy Day! The joy in his eyes and heart as he sang to his baby girl was a truly special moment to witness. All the guests were belting out the words right along with him and you could really feel the love in that room at that moment!

Brittany and Jeff, what a wedding! The love surrounding you was so very evident and I’m truly grateful to have been invited to the party. Cheers to the newlyweds! 







Darien Connecticut Woodway Beach Club

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