July 13, 2016

Pano and Sara’s Wedding in Martha’s Vineyard


I was honored to join Pano and Sara’s celebration of marriage at the Harbor View Hotel in Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard. It was a blue sky, no clouds in the distance kind of day. I arrived at the hotel and was greeted by the boys enjoying brews on the deck. Harbor view overlooks the water with gorgeous views of the surrounding area and the lighthouse.

I found Sara in one of the quant little cottages getting ready. She was getting her hair and makeup done while her mom watched and her sister finished writing her speech outside. The energy in the room was full of excitement, love and bliss. Everyone was very peaceful and present. While her mom and sister helped put on her dress, I could see her mom starting to tear up. I asked them to stand together and take some formal posed photos to capture the moment. I then asked them to look at each other and smile and that’s when her mom couldn’t hold in the tears any longer. The love in that little room was beaming through the old wood floorboards and overflowing onto the back deck outside. It was the perfect setting for the perfect New England wedding photography session.

Sara and Pano exchanged vows on a gazebo overlooking the water. After the ceremony, the party moved inside to the main dining room at the Harbor View. Pano is from Albania and I had never experienced Albanian wedding traditions before. Right after dinner, the traditional Albanian wedding dances and songs started and lasted throughout the night. The merge of different cultures and families created a party like no other. I can honestly say that was the most fun I have had at a wedding. Ever.

Pano and Sara were the sweetest together. While shooting family photos, Pano would stop and stare at Sara during each group. He wanted to see her in the moment enjoying herself. I captured every stolen glance and kiss.  They loved being in each other’s company and were inseparable. They both have heart’s of gold and I am looking forward to watching the rest of their story unfold.
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Pano and Sara Wedding-32 Pano and Sara Wedding-43 Pano and Sara Wedding-45 Pano and Sara Wedding-68 Pano and Sara Wedding-83 Pano and Sara Wedding-89 Pano and Sara Wedding-135 Pano and Sara Wedding-114 Pano and Sara Wedding-113 Pano and Sara Wedding-124 Pano and Sara Wedding-139 Pano and Sara Wedding-153 Pano and Sara Wedding-166
Pano and Sara Wedding-199 Pano and Sara Wedding-215 Pano and Sara Wedding-240 Pano and Sara Wedding-1 Pano and Sara Wedding-272 Pano and Sara Wedding-193 Pano and Sara Wedding-198Pano and Sara Wedding-195
Pano and Sara Wedding-334Pano and Sara Wedding-340
Pano and Sara Wedding-335 Pano and Sara Wedding-343 Pano and Sara Wedding-346 Pano and Sara Wedding-351 Pano and Sara Wedding-365 Pano and Sara Wedding-368 Pano and Sara Wedding-383 Pano and Sara Wedding-385 Pano and Sara Wedding-414 Pano and Sara Wedding-424 Pano and Sara Wedding-436 Pano and Sara Wedding-449 Pano and Sara Wedding-456 Pano and Sara Wedding-467 Pano and Sara Wedding-469 Pano and Sara Wedding-480 Pano and Sara Wedding-498 Pano and Sara Wedding-510 Pano and Sara Wedding-532
Pano and Sara Wedding-670 Pano and Sara Wedding-696
Pano and Sara Wedding-788 Pano and Sara Wedding-837 Pano and Sara Wedding-931 Pano and Sara Wedding-934Pano and Sara Wedding-690 Pano and Sara Wedding-939
Pano and Sara Wedding-952 Pano and Sara Wedding-960Pano and Sara Wedding-762Pano and Sara Wedding-651

Elizabeth Nord : 15:50 July 13, 2016
Absolutely beautiful! Captured their love so well!
Jenna McCollum : 16:11 July 13, 2016
Gorgeous wedding, it looks like so much fun! You definitely captured the joy of the day! :)

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