June 12, 2019

Latitude 41 Wedding at The Mystic Seaport || Kristen + Sean || Mystic, CT


A Waterfront Wedding at The Mystic Seaport

Kristen and Sean were married on June 2nd in Mystic,  with a ceremony and reception at Latitude 41.

A Puppy Proposal

From the bride –

“I reach around Sloane’s collar to look closer at the bow, and see a little note stuck in it. After reading it,I think it’s some sort of scavenger hunt or gift but find the words “Will you marry me” on the same note paper he used when he first told me he loved me. I look up and there Sean is on one knee in front of me in our own sunny living room of our house. I’m afraid I was not graceful. “Seriously, now?” I asked, completely taken by surprise. “Well, yeah of course!” and there you have it. News spread fast, and by the time we got to the fields to play, most of our friends there knew and were ready to celebrate. Sean’s parents came down from Troy and mine from Mystic, and he and I spent the day surrounded by family, our puppy, and our closest friends under a sunny blue sky on a grass field playing the game that brought us together.”

The Wedding Day 

The first look took place on the docks overlooking Mystic River adjacent to the massive Charles W. Morgan ship. It was such a joyful moment when they saw each other for the first time on their wedding day! Their love is truly contagious and it was a joy to share that moment with them.

When I asked Kristen why they chose Latitude 41 as there venue, this is what she told me.

“I practically grew up in the seaport. We went fairly often as kids, and every memorial day weekend would stay on the boat there for yacht club events. I remember playing capture the flag at night on the green, running building to building and exhibit to exhibit to learn all I could and sailing the dyers out on river. Sean and I had one of our first dates there as well. We both are sort of old souls (ahem, we live in a 1910 home full of ‘charm’) so the vibe, history, and magic of the seaport was calling us. Plus, we like boats. all types ”

The Best Dance Party! 

One of my favorite parts of the wedding day was when Kristen and Sean welcomed their guests with a speech that truly showed their hearts. They thanked everyone in the room for joining them and let them know that the reason they are who they are today was because all of them. Seriously, what more can you want than a grateful and happy bride and groom? And speaking of the guests – this was one of the most epic dance parties I have ever seen. It was so much fun to watch Sean and his brother rock out on the dance floor together!

Kristen and Sean, thank you for sharing a piece of your heart with me. What a night it was!! 




The Mystic Seaport

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