Boudoir Photographer in Connecticut + New England. We respect the privacy of our boudoir clients therefore we do not post boudoir sessions online. Please email to see full gallery.

We offer boudoir sessions in studio or on location to help celebrate you and your legacy. Come as you are – don’t wait for when you can” lose the extra pounds” or ” have more time.” Life keeps moving and it’s a blessing to be able to look back into time and remember who you were and celebrate it!

Boudoir sessions include hair + makeup but it’s super important to us that we document you exactly as you are. If you prefer to not wear makeup and just a simple white tee – we love that! Come as you are because you are enough!

Weather you are choosing to photograph your body to celebrate yourself and your power or you’d like to treat your partner with a surprise- there’s so many reasons to book a boudoir session!

Bridal boudoir is one of our top selling sessions and is an intimate shoot celebrating the season of excitement, love and hope. We love incorporating lace, silk and anything classy and dreamy into your bridal boudoir shoot. We think there is very fine line of trashy- classy for boudoir and we aim for the latter. Classic, dreamy, serene portraiture to capture you just as you are.

Contact us today to book your boudoir session!






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