September 15, 2023

Engagement Photos with Fall Leaves in Westport, CT


Engagement photos in Autumn are some of our all time favorite to photograph. It was such a pleasure to meet Lauren and Nick in Westport at Lauren’s family home that meant so much to them. We adventured around and took some fun foliage photos and then headed towards their pool with an amazing view!

We ended the session with an outfit change down by the water at sunset. The colors were golden which paired perfectly with Lauren and Nick’s high end attire. Lauren is a fashion blogger so it made sense that the couple rocked the style for their shoot! You can check out here blog here!

We love Westport, Connecticut and think it is the perfect spot for an engagement session. Nestled along the scenic Connecticut coastline, Westport has an irresistible charm that beckons couples seeking a blend of natural beauty and small-town allure. With its quaint streets, historic architecture, and breathtaking waterfront views, the town provides a captivating backdrop for engagement photography. From lush parks to charming gardens, Westport ensures a plethora of enchanting settings that effortlessly enhance the romance and intimacy of any photoshoot.

Engagement sessions during the fall season hold a special allure, and Westport offers an abundance of autumnal splendor. The landscape transforms into a kaleidoscope of fiery reds, vibrant oranges, and golden hues, creating a visually stunning tapestry for couples to immerse themselves in. The radiant sunlight filtering through the colorful foliage adds a warm and romantic ambiance, lending an ethereal glow to the photographs.

Why Westport is Cool for Engagement Photos:

1. Natural Beauty: Westport boasts a harmonious blend of coastal charm and scenic landscapes, providing a diverse range of stunning backdrops for engagement photos.

2. Small-Town Charm: The town’s quaint streets and historic architecture exude a timeless appeal, adding character and charm to every frame.

3. Vibrant Autumn Colors: During the fall season, Westport transforms into a captivating tapestry of autumnal hues, creating a visually striking and romantic atmosphere.

4. Waterfront Delights: The town’s beautiful waterfront, with its beaches, harbors, and picturesque views, offers a unique and captivating setting for memorable engagement photos.

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Westport, CT Engagement Session
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