November 8, 2018

Elizabeth and Samuel || Mystic Seaport Wedding || Connecticut


A Mystic Seaport wedding

Liz and Sam were married on October 5th with a ceremony and a reception at Latitude 41 in Mystic, CT.

Liz and Sam’s love story

They met at an accounting/financial services company where they  both worked in Boston. Over time, they grew closer during work trips and hanging with mutual friends. They soon realized that they started falling for each other and things became more serious.

Sam’s words about why he loves Liz – ” I was quickly drawn to Liz because she was strikingly beautiful, intelligent, and ambitious yet incredibly sweet. As our relationship has grown she has inspired me and given me more self-confidence than I’ve ever had. She loves me for who I am and I like to think we have brought the best out of each other over the past 4-plus years.”
Liz’s words about why she loves Sam – ” Sam is one of the most patient and laid-back individuals I have ever met. I love that he brings a balance to my more anxious and uptight self. Sam has managed over time to continue to make me a better person while at the same time making me feel perfect just the way I am. I also love Sam’s quiet strength. He has been there for me in truly the most difficult of times and I know that he will forever be the person I can depend on.”

Fast forward to the proposal! During the first year they were dating, they had a picnic on the Esplanade by the Charles River. A couple took a picture of the sunset and happened to catch their silhouettes in a photo. The couple then approached them and sent them the photo and it’s been one of their favorite pictures ever since. Sam wanted to recapture this moment on their engagement day. He had previously lost a “bet” with Liz where the loser had to plan a date day.  Which worked out perfectly as Sam could plan everything without Liz being suspicious of any funny business. While Liz parked and picked up pizza, Sam and new puppy Gus made their way to find a good spot. Liz found Sam and Gus, and Sam wasted no time popping the question!


A waterview wedding at Latitude 41

 I started off the day with Liz and the girls at her sister’s house while my second photographer, Irena, met the guys at the hotel. Both Sam and Liz’s moms have passed away, so it was an especially emotionally day for everyone. It felt like such an incredible honor to be in the room with Liz and her sister as she put on her dress. Liz’s sister Amanda was just so amazing and they are both so lucky to have each-other. They honored their mom by including a photo of her in the room and both Sam and Liz wore charms with their mom’s photos on it.

After the first look on the dock, we walked around the Mystic Seaport to find fun locations to take some portraits of Liz and Sam. The sun was shining and Liz and Sam were in the best spirits! So genuinely in love and excited to get married! Little rainbows from the solar flare kept showing up on my lens and dancing around Liz and Sam. I knew that their moms where with us and kept thinking how incredibly magical that was.

Liz and Sam exchanged vows overlooking the water as the sun was setting. I really couldn’t think of a more romantic location to tie the knot! Liz started off the vows with one of the most incredible speeches that was straight from her heart.  Sam’s vows were just as incredible and one of my favorite photos of the day was when Sam made Liz burst out in laughter from something he had said.

Sam and Liz, I am so very honored to have walked by your side on your wedding day. The love you two have for each-other, your family and Gus could move mountains.  So glad to call you two friends, cheers to bright new adventures! 



Mystic Seaport




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