November 16, 2015

An Autumn High School Senior Session with the lovely Karissa Coher


IMG_4308 IMG_4302 IMG_4288 IMG_4316 IMG_4318 IMG_4329 IMG_4346 IMG_4348 IMG_4377 IMG_4382 IMG_4388 IMG_4391 IMG_4393 IMG_4437 IMG_4444 IMG_4451 IMG_4453 IMG_4454 IMG_4468 IMG_4489 IMG_4496 IMG_4515 IMG_4522 IMG_4528 IMG_4554 IMG_4571 IMG_4573 IMG_4574 IMG_4575 IMG_4579 IMG_4583 IMG_4602 IMG_4611 IMG_4624 IMG_4665 IMG_4680 IMG_4756 IMG_4766 IMG_4786 IMG_4796 IMG_4884

Joann : 00:20 November 17, 2015
She is refreshingly beautiful.

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