August 29, 2023

A sunny celebration of love at The Castle Hill Inn


On May 5th, 2023, love filled the air as Annie and Eddie exchanged vows at the picturesque waterfront venue of The Castle Hill Inn in Newport, Rhode Island. Their wedding was a true testament to their deep connection and unwavering love.

A Waterfront Haven

Nestled along the Rhode Island coastline, The Castle Hill Inn provided a dreamy backdrop for Annie and Eddie’s wedding. With its stunning waterfront views, the venue exuded a sense of tranquility and beauty. As their loved ones gathered, the atmosphere was filled with anticipation, and the natural splendor of the surroundings only heightened the magic of the day.

Radiant Beauty: Annie’s natural beauty was enhanced by the skilled hands of Glam Done Wright. With a touch of artistry, her makeup highlighted her features and brought out her inner glow. Her bridal look was timeless and radiant, complementing her exquisite gown. As she walked down the aisle, her captivating presence left everyone in awe, a vision of elegance and happiness.

Floral Elegance: The floral arrangements, meticulously designed by Earth Blossom, transformed the venue into a garden of beauty. From cascading bouquets to exquisite centerpieces, every petal showcased nature’s splendor and added a touch of elegance. Vibrant blooms in an array of colors created a striking contrast against the backdrop of the ocean, infusing the atmosphere with joy and beauty.

The First Dance: Annie and Eddie’s first dance was a moment of pure enchantment. To the soulful melody of “Stand by Me,” they swayed gracefully. Their connection was palpable surrounded by the heartfelt cheers and applause of their guests. It was a captivating moment that set the tone for the rest of the celebration.

A Sweet Delight: The wedding cake, lovingly created by the bride’s aunt, Adorned with intricate details and flavors that delighted the taste buds, it was a symbol of love and cherished family ties. Each bite was a sweet reminder of the joyous occasion, celebrating not only the union of Annie and Eddie but also the love and support of their loved ones.

Two Peas in a Pod

Annie and Eddie are undoubtedly two peas in a pod, a perfect match destined for a lifetime of love and happiness. Their love radiated throughout the day and transcended the cloudy skies that initially greeted them. As the day progressed, the clouds parted, revealing the warmth of the sun and a breathtaking sunset—a metaphor for their journey together. It was a testament to their unwavering bond and the promise of a bright future filled with love and shared adventures.

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