June 27, 2016

A romantic walk through the Borough


Kathy, Jonathan, Teddy and I went on a little adventure in Stonington Borough on a gorgeous Friday evening. We wandered around and found picturesque areas surrounded by the sea and took photos while Teddy the pup roamed in the background.

These two were playful and simply at ease with each other. As a photographer, nothing brings more joy than capturing someone’s true emotions and heart. I am delighted to be able to document their wedding day in September! xoJonathan and Kathy-1-1Jonathan and Kathy-6Jonathan and Kathy-4Jonathan and Kathy-7Jonathan and Kathy-9Jonathan and Kathy-12Jonathan and Kathy-14Jonathan and Kathy-16Jonathan and Kathy-17Jonathan and Kathy-19Jonathan and Kathy-21Jonathan and Kathy-22Jonathan and Kathy-23Jonathan and Kathy-26Jonathan and Kathy-28Jonathan and Kathy-31Jonathan and Kathy-30-1Jonathan and Kathy-32Jonathan and Kathy-33Jonathan and Kathy-35-1


Jonathan and Kathy-38Jonathan and Kathy-44Jonathan and Kathy-39Jonathan and Kathy-41Jonathan and Kathy-42Jonathan and Kathy-47Jonathan and Kathy-49Jonathan and Kathy-51Jonathan and Kathy-53Jonathan and Kathy-54Jonathan and Kathy-56Jonathan and Kathy-55Jonathan and Kathy-58Jonathan and Kathy-60Jonathan and Kathy-61Jonathan and Kathy-63Jonathan and Kathy-62Jonathan and Kathy-64Jonathan and Kathy-66

marisa : 22:02 June 29, 2016
wow this is beautiful! what a unique session and i love the styling and the light!
Tiffany : 22:02 June 29, 2016
I feel like some of these would make the perfect covers for a Nantucket life magazine! Everything feels so nice and bright and cool! It makes me want to be by the water!!!
Erica : 22:02 June 29, 2016
I'm obsessed with these. You are so talented!

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